Saturday, March 12, 2011

Evidence Based Nutritional Guidelines??

Well well well!  Looky what I found?  I'm just not getting around to putting my earlier posts up on this here blog, am I?  I keep finding new interesting things to share.
You know, I thought I was just gonna upchuck the ground-chuck if I heard one more time about "evidence-based" nutritional guidelines.  About a week ago, another post by dietitian on a weight loss website contained this nugget:

"My main concern for this [redacted] site and our members is to keep recommendations evidence based, using published peer-reviewed literature and guidelines that then apply such research and are appropriate for the general population."

Several other posters had remarked that some of the dietary recommendations are either wrong, out-of-date or not universally applicable.  Here's an article that moves the real issue into the light of day.  It calls out the difficulties that the "peers" have stumbled upon when they tried to over-reach their control over food and nutrition policy on the basis of sub-standard studies.  The authors use the dietary fat controversy as an example of how things can go very wrong.
Actually, many of the "peers" haven't stumbled onto it yet.  They are still recommending the same old guidelines.  In the face of increasing uncertainly, some have responded by becoming increasingly rigid.

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