Monday, March 7, 2011

My First Post

Why am I Exceptionally Brash?
I read an article about some "exceptionally brash" researchers assembled to take a critical look at medical research.  That sounded like a group I would have liked to run with.
Since I have been writing about such things, I have found others doing somewhat the same thing, with considerably more knowledge.  I am not as knowledgeable on content, so this is just my own spin on things.
In the coming days, I'll be adding more posts originally found on a blog I kept on a certain weight-loss website.  I'll be cleaning them up and posting them here, little by little.
I don't give advice on diet and heath, except to encourage people to read.  Read everything!  I have always told my students, "Even if you are sure of a conclusion, go out of your way to find articles proposing the opposite and read all of them."
Here's the link to the article that contributed to my name:
But, why am I REALLY exceptionally brash?  I think I was born that way.

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