Friday, March 25, 2011

The. Most. Shocking. Rose. Ceremony. Ever.

You'all remember my post about Frank Sacks.  If not, here it is:
Here's what Dr. Richard Feinman has to say about another study done by Sacks:
I had been wanting to get back to this important topic.  Even though it was already getting better and better in my last post on the topic, I soon found out it was even more and more better than ever.
A few days after I read about our researcher friend, I was casually looking at a stack of magazines at a friend's house.  I found a Nutrition Action newsletter and skimmed through a couple of articles touting the low fat diet, and just on a lark, I checked to see who the author was.  I went to the info page where they have all the directors and advisory board people listed.  And who was on the list?  Frank Sacks!
As you recall, Frank Sacks is an author of a bogus study, and his study had been published by a journal, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, where he served as editor.  Sure, every "researcher" is biased towards the things they study, but there is a big problem when these researchers mis-represent their work and block the flow of information from other researchers who have data that disagrees with them.
Frank Sacks was also on the scientific advisory board of the Center for Science in the Public Interest newsletter, the Nutrition Action Newsletter.  Here's an article by the CSPI about how wonderful the OmniHeart diet is.

This article discusses the famous OmniHeart trial.  They tested three different versions of the OmniHeart diet and guess which diet was the best?  It was a tie between the OmniHeart diet and the OmniHeart diet!!!!!!  (No, this is not a computer glitch.  You read this right.)  Of course, the OmniHeart diet is Frank Sack's.
So, here's the Clif notes:
1.  Unsatisfied with his other bogus studies, Frank Saks designed an even better bogus study, and tested three versions of his own diet, the Omniheart diet, the OmiHeart diet and the OmniHeart diet
2.  The OmniHeart and the OmniHeart diet tied for the best, and beat out the OmniHeart slightly.
3.  The researcher concluded that the OmniHeart is the best healthy diet of all!
4.  The researcher got this crap published in a newsletter where he was on the scientific advisory board.
Wow!  This has been The. Most. Shocking. Rose. Ceremony. Ever.

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