Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Study Notes for the Quilt - "Living an Optimized Life - The Jack Kruse Story"

This is the intro blogpost.
It has no number.  All the other posts have a number at the bottom corresponding to the position in the quilt.  Like many a good quilter, with more than enough yarn to go around, the Quilt keeps getting larger.  I just hope for his sake that the numbers are hyperlinked.

So....Here are the Notes:
1.  Hi, I'm Jack Kruse and I'm a neurosurgeon.
2.  I see sick people all the time.  I hurt my knee, and I was really fat.
3.  I figured out how I hurt my knee, and that got me thinking, so I started losing weight.
4.  I read a bunch of stuff about nutrition, medicine, longevity.
5.  I made alot of changes and I lost a ton of weight
6.  I was writing a bunch of books about it, but I just couldn't keep quiet anymore.
7.  So....I started writing this here blog so that you can get healthy.  Really healthy, not just sort of.
8.  It is going to be more about the why, and even though it may seem unintelligible, I promise you it will make sense in the end.

Here are some more interesting links for you to study:

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