Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Study Notes for the Quilt - Living an Optimized Life "Chapter 1 on Leptin"

Whew!  Where do I begin on this one?  How about the link?  Check it out.

And....Here are the notes:

1.  Leptin is a hormone that controls how your body gets and uses energy and it also controls all other hormones.
2.  Leptin is made in fat and talks to your brain.  It tells your brain how much energy you have.  When it works wonky, we get leptin resistant.
3.  Leptin resistance = BAD!
4.  Symptoms of leptin resistance:
     a.  too fat
     b.  too thin
     c.  having what seems like a thyroid problem
     d.  can't lose weight from exercising
     e.  osteoporosis
     f.  trouble getting pregnant
     g.  inflammation
     h.  belly fat
     i.  low vitamin D levels
5.  Leptin resistance leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, obesity
6.  Leptin resistance => insulin resistance => adrenal resistance =>cortisol problems =>all sorts of chronic diseases and cancer.
8.  "Leptin resistance always precedes the development of insulin resistance" (by about 5-7 years)

9.  To determine if you are leptin resistant, you can measure reverse T3, ultra-sensitive crp, Vitamin D and look at your waistline.

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