Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Study Notes for the Quilt - Why is Oprah Still Obese? Leptin Part 3....

This is Dr. Kruse's most popular blog post, and for good reason!  Lots of great information here.  See the link.
First off, Dr. K's summary.

"1. Why can’t you lose weight when you change lifestyle
2. What is an uncoupling protein (UCP)
3. The difference between Anthony Colpo and Robb Wolf and the Oprah!
4. Why Oprah is still fat?
5. Dr. Kruse’s screening question for assessing leptin status."

And....the Notes:
1.  We just covered leptin resistance in the liver.  Now, on to leptin resistance in the muscle cell.
2.  UCP - Un-Coupling Protein - in mitochondria.  This protein needs leptin and thyroid hormones in order to do its job.
[mitochondria are in your cells.  They are little power plants.  Think of them like batteries.]
3.  Pathway one in the mitochondria:  Food goes in => energy in the form of ATP comes out.
4.  Pathway two (using UCP3) in the mitochondria:  Food goes in =>  energy in the form of heat comes out.
5.   UCP3 helps you deal with unwanted energy
6.  This is why the calories-in-calories-out model doesn't really work in a simple way.
7.  People who are leptin resistant don't have the second pathway.  Excess food is stored instead of thrown off as heat.
8.  Anthony Colpo or Robb Wolf can throw anything in their mouths and their mitochondria will take care of it.
9.  Oprah can't do this, because her UCP3 isn't functioning optimally.  She can't just eat anything.
10.  Oprah continues to send any excess to be stored as fat, and meanwhile, her muscles don't get the energy they need.
11.   When muscles see too much food, more bad things happen.
     excess fat =>ALE's => BAD!!
     excess sugars =>AGE's => BAD!!
12.  UCP3 not working in muscles in diabetics => fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy
13.  A Wolf/Colpo/Dr. Oz exercise recommendation for Oprah won't work until her leptin is sensitive again.  [And, go directly to the post and scroll down to the last two paragraphs.  It's the leptin prescription and also how to tell when you have become leptin sensitive.]
14.  To check leptin sensitivity status, also measure reverse-T3
15.  If you are leptin resistant, don't exercise too much until you get leptin sensitive again!

Other resources:  ROS definition:  Reactive Oxygen Species  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reactive_oxygen_species  Here's a cool slide showing what happens inside the mitochondria:
You'll notice the ROS (the O2- superoxide) being formed in the process on the left.  On the right, you'll see the two pathways Dr.K mentions.  One generates ATP, and the other path uses the Un-Coupling Protein and generates heat.  This slide is from a cool (but advanced) paper that you can find here.
Anthony Colpo is an author and blogger and rabidly anti-low-carb.http://anthonycolpo.com/
Robb Wolf is a paleo diet and fitness author and blogger.  He's not into eating wheat or grains, but thinks other carbs are fine to eat. http://robbwolf.com/
Oprah, of course, is a fat celebrity who has shared her weight battles with her fans.
ALE's:  Advanced lipoxidation endproducts
AGE's:  Advanced glycation endproducts
For more good info on ALE's and AGE's, visit http://high-fat-nutrition.blogspot.com/
There will be more on ALE's and AGE's in several places in the Quilt.

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