Thursday, January 3, 2013

It IS the end of the world, and here come the zombies!

I have trouble keeping it straight.  Oh gosh, I go from being a suspected neo-Nazi because I refuse to trash people I haven't been bothering to track since the 60's or whatever, to see how badly-behaved they continue to be, and then I am publicly outed on the interwebz as a known follower of Kruse.

Destruction fer sure, my tent is destroyed, my curtains in a moment.

Thankfully, there is a new guru, shimmering in the distance, in a different time zone and state of mind.  Lord Peter and his high-fat diet will save me.  And I am included with the "yous guys" pit of vipers as I do not waver for one minute from my allegiance to my beloved guru.

Now I am searching on Youtube at this late hour, for a Peter webinar, or maybe in another time when he was a kid and played the guitar badly and thought it would be OK to post it anyway, or off to Etsy for a handmade Peter plush toy that I can cuddle with late at night when the carb demons call, and my computer room echoes the chants and rants of all the trolls disguised as obesity researchers, who taunt and ignore me on various blogs and websites I both despise and visit regularly.  And yet I am fixated on the purpose of oscillating secretions.  And how Lord Peter turned compost into whole eggs, water into wine, white fat into brown, while the evil one turns Peter's staff of merry followers into snakesssssss.

P.S. Dear Peter, Yes!  I have unconditionally accepted everything that you have said, even though your brilliance has blinded me with pseudoscience.  And maybe you are totally wrong on most points, but the only biochemist I could find to review all the posts and tweets is currently in the lair of Joel Fuhrman, and he probably won't come around and start reading them until his health starts to improve, and that may be awhile so I hope everyone else is patient with me.

And, taking a stroll over at the video bin, I found this great vid from the latest "Pit of Vipers" conference.  Look at all the clinicians and crazy people there.  I have finally come home.

Or, is it really just a dream?


  1. HAHAHAhahahahahahaha! :-D got 'em!

    Peter might be wrong occasionally, but considering that what he describes MATCHES MY EXPERIENCE and the Goofdoctor never ... well, what can one say!? you'd think that after all this time, with the science that has emerged, the "truth" might begin to reach the masses, but NO. the same old dynasties of misinformation keep trying to defend their kingdoms, and in the process only succeed in confusing those who most need help. :-(

    what's your vote, "stupid" or "lying"?

  2. I don't fully agree or disagree with any of the researchers, but I do know that Dr. G's solutions for weight loss don't work for me. He may be partially correct on how I got fat, just as Taubes may be partially correct that it may have something to do with insulin. But geez peepol, talk about monohormonal! Isn't anybody intrigued by unbridled weight gain from PCOS and menopause.

  3. Personally, I don't think he is that stupid, or is lying, but I do think he is a bit too focused on a narrow band. Blinded would be a better word, and that is totally more fixable than the other options.
    And, it was my first apology in the paleo cesspool!!!! Others need to follow this Dr. G.'s example.