Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Answer to the Universe - Why I am not a Webinarian

Jack Kruse posted his epic ("I promise") blog post today.

I'll admit that after scanning it I was unimpressed, but after sleeping on it, I decided to give it a good read-through before I blast it to pieces.  What I can say about it now is, "Jack! Get an editor!!!"  And gee, get a physicist.

OK, I have lots to say on this topic, and in case you were wondering, as a "Known Follower Of Jack Kruse" I do still read him and pay attention to lots of what he says.  He always makes more sense when he is talking over when you are reading him.

This post is more of a place-holder than anything, but I will leave my careful readers with a little story.  A buddy of mine used to have a high-powered job.  Lots of money.  Lots of deadlines.  Lots of frequent flyer miles.  You get the picture.

Eventually the stress and circadian disruption affected his sleep to the point he was unable to sleep at all.  And I know you are thinking, this can't be good, and it wasn't.

Pressured by his friends and business associates to take a break, he planned a visit to an exciting, bustling mega-city.  At the last minute, he cancelled his trip to go to some unnamed solitary place.  When a friend suggested Arizona, he agreed that it might be a good choice.

Arizona is the home of many beautiful places, and after visiting a few places, he headed to Sedona.  After a day at Sedona, he cancelled the rest of his trip.  He had the most amazing night of sleep, and longed to go back to the place that allowed him to start to regain his health.

After the trip to Sedona, my friend changed his whole way of life in exchange for his health.  It seemed like a good trade-off at the time.  Later on, as opportunities to re-enter his former crazy life appeared, he resisted.

Since that time, I have followed my friend's lead.  I have changed my whole way of life, too.  Every once in awhile I think it wouldn't be so bad to have another crazy job and make a ton of money.  But I have been able to rearrange my career so that I have the flexibility to wake up with the sun, go to bed with the sunset, visit the beach on a whim if the waves are right, and remove myself from "neo-lithic agents of disease" like cell-phones, TPS reports, high-heeled shoes, traffic jams, cube farms and fluorescent lighting.  Is all the extra money worth it?

Following my path has also meant a change in finances.  I just had to laugh when Jack said that the original cost of his webinar was about the same as a theater ticket.  Does he have any idea the size of my infotainment budget?  (I do get to the theater from time to time through trade, barter, freebies and other generosities from random and assorted people.)  My choice of lifestyle enables me to get to the beach and put my toes in the water, but I haven't a clue what my Pg/E2 ratio is.  I am one of the unwashed masses who "did not take the initiative" to become a member of one of the precious metals klubz along with thousands of dollars of quarterly testing.  I am afraid I can only afford the aluminum klub membership.  My cholesterol report does not even include the fluffy kind.

Jack may know all about quantum biology and all that stuff, but he seems to have hit a snag on seeing the difference between not having any money and living in poverty.  I think that while many in the paleo cesspool have re-thought that old idea that all fat people are lazy and stupid, I don't think all of us have extended that same line of thought to poor people.  Are all people who don't buy the webinars lazy, stupid and unmotivated?

I was encouraged by Jack's recent decision to offer the leptin reset to all levels of membership.  This is a wonderful start.


  1. Bookmarking your blog. J. Kruse needs a few more critical thinkers. Maybe he could hire you and you could do your thinking from the beach. I tend to think of things in a very black-and-white manner. Nice to see shades of grey in practice. Cheers. :)

  2. Great post, EB. Love your blog.

  3. Hi sanscarbs! I love your icon. I am not that much of a deep thinker, but I do fancy myself as a tinkerer, and there is a whole lot to be learned through tinkering.

  4. Thank you Sidereal, I appreciate that.

  5. High-heeled shoes aren't paleo??? Dang.

  6. Hi Amanda! I love your hat. Is it tin? I guess Kruse's tinfoil hats are paleo if you forge and hammer them out yourself.