Thursday, January 31, 2013

Extremely Disrespectful Zealot - Is it really n=1?

Dr. Guyenet has really become unglued on his blog site lately, and the purpose of this post is to clear some things up and set the record straight.

Dr. G said on one of his posts that there are many examples of folks gaining weight on a low carb diet.  Now, I know plenty of people who have lost lots of weight on a low carb diet, and plenty of people who gradually gained a few pounds of that weight when they went into maintenance mode.  My theory, if you will, is that that so-called maintenance mode the low carb diet authors promote is unworkable for many.  That maintenance mode includes, surprise, more carbs!

For the record, I NEVER GAINED WEIGHT ON A LOW CARB DIET.  I ONLY GAIN WEIGHT WHEN I ADD IN MORE CARBS.  (OK, now for the inside voice.)  I seem to lose the low carb magic after about three days of eating a typical carb-laden whole foods diet, and it is especially worse if that diet includes wheat or corn.  If I go back on a low carb diet, I can usually lose the added weight quickly, but this seems to be harder in the winter and summer.  It works better in spring and fall.  For me, at least, I seem to leave my ability to burn fat very quickly.

I am annoyed at Dr. G's current attempt to discredit and belittle anyone who has data points that do not correspond with his theories.  Despite his insistence that he removes "extremely disrespectful" posts from his blog, I have only seen him do this with people who disagree with him.  Not with all the other "extremely disrespectful" posters that populate the paleo cesspool.

This issue came up for me well before the famous G-T dust-up at AHS11.  There were some particularly "disrespectful zealots" that IMHO were so bad that I called out by name here on my blog.  One gained the title through her continual bashing of anyone interested in Jack Kruse and an award for the most creative use of moderatorship, and the other gained the title through his constant and creepy support of Dr. G on various websites.  You can read about it here and here and here. Note that both the zealots came by, and instead of offering an apology, continued with more denial and lies.  Go read the comments for yourself lol.  It was during the comments section of Dr. G's blog where I first read Woo.  I have continued to read her blog because despite the wackiness and mis-placed passion, she continues to supply good information in an entertaining fashion.

And just a shout-out to the other zealots.  Carbsane has never gone after me, anywhere, as far as I can tell, so, like Woo, she gets a free hall pass.  But, Jack!  Quit hatin' on Jimmy and his struggles with weight.


  1. i'm with you every step of the way, from adding carbs to finding Wooo. and i sure understand why you're calling it the "paleo cesspool" these days -- it's really gone to hell since i started reading the stuff! makes me appreciate Mark and Robb so much more, for remaining so civil and businesslike through it all....

  2. I just keep cut on paleo blogs reading. I recently realized how actually unnecessary and counterproductive was my effort to keep a well-rounded point of view, try to see "the other side". Theoretically it sounds right, but in reality it didn't give me anything, almost the same as to go and argue with vegetarians what saves Mother Earth better - agriculture of pasture-raised cattle (I did such exercise in futility as well). I am not here to find some universal truth, I have my own issues to take care of, and when somebody is telling how easy it is to loose weight by just eating less, choosing "real food" and walking around block 30 minutes a day, it adds nothing to what I want to know. Some people going insane without eating cookies on weekend. Why I should care and read that stupid staff?

    The less we read about the safety of eating starches, the more chances we get to adhere better to what was proven works for us. Atkins said one was not mean to be on induction forever, but so many people just can't handle reasonable reintroduction of carby things.

  3. Hi folks!! I like to have an open mind, too, and I do have it with respect to the WHY of low carb. But I cannot go against what I know to be true for myself, despite rants of the experts.

  4. The same here I stopped Reading the Paleo blogs when I realized it was no longer about following the science or common sense. I have no need for the latest information on fad diets or the drama. Even do I must confess I enjoy Woo and Sideral rants.

  5. Depending on mood, I enjoy a good rant. Even some by Carbsane. Some of her comments about Jack, were hilarious, even though I don't sit well with the overall tone of her blog.