Monday, June 6, 2011

Carb Flu, or is it just allergies???

Here's a great new post by Dr. Mike Eades:
I didn't know anything about low-carb flu the first time I tried Atkins.  At the time, I was a long-distance runner.  I felt terrible on the diet, and abandoned it after two weeks.  I didn't try lower carb for another thirty years.
Regular readers probably remember that I didn't just decide to go on a low carb diet.  I started taking a sleep medication and the amount of carbs I wanted to eat decreased dramatically. But it wasn't without an adjustment period.
I lost a ton of weight very rapidly, and was quite dizzy and unsteady.  I had a terrible headache, foot cramps, digestion changes, and woke up flushed and anxious.  But, I also got rid of all my aches and pains, hot flashes, skin break-outs, salt-sensitivity and cravings.  I wish that I had known about the addition of salt and other minerals.  This information probably would have saved me lots of misery.
Now, I can restart my aches and pains by eating a large evening meal of wheat and other carbs.  I can start the break-outs by eating a combination of carbs and animal fat.  I can restart the hot flashes by eating a ton of carbs or protein in one sitting.  I can restart my cravings by eating a higher carb diet for several meals in a row, or by eating only one piece of bread.  I can restart my weight gain from one carby meal.
At the time, I attributed the wonky side-effects to the sleep medication.  If I had reduced my carb content on a low-carb diet plan, I would have attributed the changes to the diet and abandoned it.  At least, if I had been listening to my body.
My Rheumatologist Fired Me
Well, not really, she still wants to see me once a year, that's just CYA.  But she took my lupus diagnosis off the chart.  There's no lupus, no Sjogren's, no aches and pains, no symptoms like that at all.  Done.  Gone.  I don't have carb flu anymore.

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