Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm a free Radical (AND, what's UP with all these CAPS???)
Is stage 3 the same as a stage 3 tornado?  Seems like it, as I surely got smacked down by the nutritional "experts" today.
I think I am beginning to notice when the American Dietetic Association sends out a new list of talking points, and their footsoldiers prepare for battle.  What is so scary about Paleo, anyway?  This is how some of the fight is going down, the Clif notes:
1.  Brush off a legitimate question about the Paleo diet by saying that there is no data and everything should be in moderation.
2.  When somebody shows some data, continue to emphasize YOUR point by using LOTS OF CAPITAL LETTERS so they'll KNOW you are serious and they'll KNOW you are right.
3.  If that doesn't work (and somebody shows more data), silence the person who brought the other data to the table.  Here are the ways to do this:
     a.  ban the person who shows more data
     b.  turn a discussion about food into a discussion about food as medicine and then declare that YOU are the only one authorized to comment on nutritional therapy.
4.  Emphasize to those who are left standing of the importance of the scientific process.  Use the words "evidence-based" (even though you have removed any evidence) and "medicine" to re-establish and maintain your authority.
5.  Repeat as necessary.


  1. HUZZAH!!!!!!

    I love having my arm twisted!!!!

    Thanks for the post!


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