Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Oily Humor - Quack diets

Since I am not allowed to post controversial topics on that other site anymore, and since I am no longer allowed to include links to outside sites on my [redacted] blog anymore, I thought I would try it the other way around for awhile.
Here's a funny and revealing post about Quack diets:
Since controversial posts tend to be removed quickly, I thought I would add some quotes here too.  You can post your controversial remarks here.  But, keep it clean people!  (No used motor oil allowed.)

"One universal truth about "quack" diets, supplements, etc. is that they have no valid scientific results with which their claims can be supported. Now, by valid, I mean a placebo-controlled, double-blind study. That means that the effects of the therapy in question are compared directly to patients receiving a placebo and that neither the patients themselves nor (and this is important) the researchers know whether the patient is getting the real thing or a placebo during the study.

Frequently, quack medical sites or ads will include a line like this: "Mainstream medical professionals have expressed skepticism over the effectiveness of the Kumquat and Motor Oil diet, but hundreds of individuals have reported dramatic results." This usually segues into some kind of testimonial from those same "individuals" about how the Kumquat and Motor Oil diet has changed their life, reduced their cholesterol, restored their hair, etc. etc.
If you see something like that, run away. Far away. Here's why: the reason for placebo-controlled, double-blind studies is that studies of therapies which aren't placebo-controlled and double-blind don't work. THe need for a placebo is obvious. The double-blind is needed because if the researchers or the subjects know they're getting the therapy they _will_ report improvement. The researchers have expectations and it's impossible to keep those expectations out of the patient interviews. The patients have hopes and expectations which are similarly impossible to quash. Quack diets and quack supplements rely on this. You can't trust anecdotal evidence. You can trust statistics."

 "Where can I find info on the motor oil diet? sounds like the right diet plan for me."

"They've actually replaced it with the new Quince and DOT 20 Brake Fluid Diet. :)"

 "Sounds delicious, too expensive for me though."

" :)
Good info....applies to diets, supplements and other food items...such as health claims made about acai berry, coconut oil, protein powders, etc.
dietitian Becky"


  1. First: I will read NOTHING that has "dietician" becky's name on it. That snake oil sales woman needs to read something printed in the new millennium. I wonder sometimes if she would advocate blood letting as a form of weight loss. It was all the rage only a few years prior to the research she sites day in and day out about fat, carbs, calories, etc etc etc etc ETC ETC ETCETERA!

    Second: Didn't the first author just describe the "Spark People" Diet? Where is their placebo, double blind study that a balanced, calorie restriction, high carbohydrate diet yields results? I am still scratching my head. Really. Take this man't word. According to his criterion, SparkPeople is a quack fad diet. Read it again. I'll wait.

    Third. Thank you for posting this. It points out that when you are willing to be a hypocritical, soulless monster who is willing to rape your own customers by selling them false hope to the tune of 2.7 million dollars a year, that you too can get ahead in the consequence free environment that has become of our United States of America. If you are sick and tired of losing and gaining back the SAME seven pounds, then RUN --do not WALK-- and get the heck away from Spark People as fast as you can. Trust me. There are other places out there that are WAY better for you. (FitPlan, Myfitnesspall, LowCarbFriends, etc etc yeah...etcetera...)

    You do not have a right to your opinion. You have the right to your INFORMED opinion. No one has the right to be ignorant. --Harlan Elleson.

    I am Scott "Big Daddy" T, a.k.a Odirom, and I approve of this message.

    Big Daddy T is out...PEACE!

  2. Big Daddy T, so nice to hear from you!!!!!!!!! It was a sad day in Mudville when you moved on to greener pastures.....

  3. Oh, and sorry to break your streak on not reading her....

  4. Sigh, that is all I have to say. There are no double blind placebo diets on nutrition PERIOD. They are 1) impossible and 2) considered unethical. Dude needs to get a grip!

  5. Hello Nutmeg! I was hoping that even more nutty posts would draw you out. Miss ya!!!

  6. "This usually segues into some kind of testimonial from those same "individuals" about how the Kumquat and Motor Oil diet has changed their life, reduced their cholesterol, restored their hair, etc. etc."

    BTW - this is a dig at me. Because I mentioned somewhere that my hair has become more healthy. But there's no double blind study, therefore, anecdotal accounts cannot be shared. Yeah, like the SP message boards are exemplary scientific journals.

  7. Hello Cathy! You are Beautiful, and I love your hair!!

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