Friday, June 10, 2011

More Plate-y goodness! Better than Plate o' Shrimp?

Looks like everyone is having plate-y fun this week.  What's not to love about the USDA plate??  Tom Naughton is at it again.  You can laugh here:
I know why the little sector's aren't even.  It has nothing to do with the amount of each food we should eat.  (In fact, the whole idea has nothing to do with what we should be eating, IMHO.)
It's really a copyright thing.  Check this out:
I have used the Ned Hermann Brain Model extensively in my career, back when the USDA was still tinkering in the land of the pyramids.  Note the plate shape, the Jungian Four-ness, and all the pretty colors.  There is blue for protein (to match the blue that is used as a molecule in all those chemistry model kits.)  There's even a green zone for green veggies, a yellow zone for the higher-carb yellow and orange veggies, and a red zone for tomatoes, watermelon and raspberries.  And you don't have to worry about that little dairy planet, circling around the real plate like Neptune.
Here's some history, and a new and better plate:
And another favorite of mine (warning, may by unsuitable for some eaters):
I still have a fondness for plate o' shrimp.  Please take the time to visit my earlier post and scroll to the bottom to get the link for the Repo Man vid: 
(I just can't get enough of Repo Man!  "Put it on a plate son, you'll enjoy it more...." Makes you think that the USDA plate was developed by a walk-on.)


  1. And just think somebody got paid to move a pyramid to a plate?

  2. That would have been a nice gig. I would have picked hip colors, maybe something sparkly?