Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Latest Letter from a Weight Loss Coach

So, it looks like I am being held to a different set of rules than the other posters who include links on their blogs, or promote their viewpoints.  I am not really clear on this warning.  It sounds like I am also not allowed to promote any of these dangerous viewpoints in addition to posting a link.  What do you think?

This letter, although firm, seems a bit nicer than the others.  They have probably figured out that I'll just post it anyway.  Is it me, or is this starting to sound a bit more cultish?

"Hi [redacted]

I saw your blog for today. We can't allow you to post a link to an outside blog that discusses our experts in such a negative way. Of course you're entitled to your opinions, but you can't use your SP blog to promote those viewpoints.

I know that we're conservative when it comes to what we recommend to our members. But because we're such a mainstream site we need to be very careful about what we recommend and discuss. At some point, we could even bring on more integrative experts to give differing points of view on these topics. But that's not where we are for now.

Please do not link your SP blog to your outside blog any more.

Thank you,


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