Monday, June 20, 2011

Nuts about Coconut

Wow, somebody didn't take their happy pills this weekend!

There was a crazy coconut thread posted on a weight loss website recently.  Since I am not into sending them any more traffic, I'll copy some of the posts here.  As you read through the posts, keep in mind the dangerous nature of most of them, and why it is so important for guardians of the truth to remain eternally vigilant.
I am so glad that the Registered Dietitian cleared it up about what research is and I hope statements like these will encourage others to do a little of their own research about coconut oil.  'Cause after all, "one needs to be reading RESEARCH"!

 OP:  " I am confused about coconut oil. For years, I thought that I was told that coconut oil was an unhealthful oil, not heart friendly. But recently, I have been hearing more and more virtues of coconut oil extolled. I had a jar of it here and after hearing one more benefit of it today, decided to break it open to make fried rice for dinner. The coconut oil I have is solid; but I read online of people drinking it, like it would be a liquid.
I'm confused about what is best, and even whether or not it is a healthful oil."

Here's a non-random sample of the comments:

"The kind you have is good for you. The people that are drinking it are probably melting it first. Not something I would do, yuck!
I do use coconut oil on a very regular basis to cook with. I also use coconut milk in place of cream for a lot of things.
My HDL cholesterol is awesome as a result :)"

[redacted] registered dietitian [redacted]:  "Coconut oil is very highly saturated. SO for years it was a no-no. Now days, PRELIMINARY research is indicating that it may have some health benefits---but more research is needed for evidence. SO for now, you can use it in your special cooking to add that wonderful taste and texture...BUT do not go overboard and feel that it will bring about great health benefits or weight loss. AND drinking it is not justified by the research...MODERATION is STILL the key."

"I've heard nothing but good things about coconut oil from my holistic health practioner."

 "I agree with [redacted] on this, in moderation all vegetable oils are useable especially if cold pressed.. Moderation is a hard man to dance with for some food cultures- this is where the real problem is.."

 "Coconut oil is great stuff, Im out of it right now and I miss it for making things like my pancakes."

 "I just bought some, and am using it in moderation, as with the extra virgin olive oil and the canola oil I also use. It is a solid, but I understand in the heat of summer it will liquify. (I'm certainly not going to drink it!)"

"I use it for frying. Things get so golden brown and never burn because CO maintains it's structure at high temperatures.
Some people eat hunks of it though that's just over the top. Too much of a good thing, yk?"

[redacted] registered dietitian [redacted]:  "One needs to be reading RESEARCH to get valid, reliable information on this topic."

"I make lotion out of 50% coconut oil, 50% olive oil infused with calendula, nettle and red clover then I add some beeswax and honey and let me tell you my skin feels amazing after using my lotion."

[redacted] registered dietitian [redacted]:  "As I said in my original post...PRELIMINARY research is showing some health benefits. BUT more evidence is needed to make generalized recommendations for consumption regarding ones lipid profile and weight with the usage of MCT oil/coconut oil.
This gives a good overview:
Yes there are small studies showing positive results. Some studies are showing nothing....larger trials are needed. This is how research works. You do NOT make general nutrition recommendation for the public based on one study that had 40 subjects. It takes time and it can be frustrating."

"I believe saturated fats are better for you than hydrogenated oils....There is increasing bad information coming out about hydrogenation. We use Coconut and olive oil the most here but we do it to avoid hydrogenated oils, we still don't use it excessively, especially not drinking it! Coconut oil is high in lauric acid also which is suppose to be good for things. I use coconut oil on our eczema problems in our family and it also works great!"

"Despite what [redacted] and other people who tout "conventional wisdom", saturated fat isn't really bad for you. Much better than margarine, corn or other highly processed vegetable oils."

[redacted] registered dietitian [redacted]:   "ONCE again there is preliminary research investigating coconut oil---THERE IS NOT PROOF that it is a healthy oil to use. It is highly saturated. THERE is research to support the use of vegetable oils, canola oil, olive oil, nut oils---which all contain a higher amount of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat--and can benefit heart health."

 "Case in point...
I'll just leave these links here for anyone interested in reading more about what's in the different oils and what effects they might have on you.
Omega-3s: [redacted]

Different oils:
"Dr. Mary Newport writes about ketone bodies, an alternative fuel for your brain which your body makes when digesting coconut oil, and how coconut oil may offer profound benefits in the fight against Alzheimer's disease.
If her theory is accurate, this could be one of the greatest natural health discoveries in a long time. Backing up her claims is the remarkable recovery of her own husband."

 [poster used text from this website:]

[poster used text from this website:]

"I'm not taking dietary advice from agencies that said margarine was better for us than butter anymore. Where was the 'more research needed'?"

 "If people go and read the actual research, not only will they find plenty, but they will notice the great disconnect between the actual research and what is currently recommended by the so-called "experts". Newer research shows that not only is sat fat not bad for people, the short-chain fatty acids in butter and coconut oil are easier for people to burn."

 " I love making popcorn with it."

 "I've been reading Nourishing Traditions and coconut oil is supposed to be very healthy. I add a spoonful to my smoothies."

[redacted] registered dietitian [redacted]:  "I do not want any of our [redacted] members reading this thread to be misinformed or mislead about coconut oil (but that is what many of the posts on this thread are doing). I just checked again on the Natural Medicinces Comprehensive Database and there is currently insufficient reliable evidence to support statements that coconut oil is healthy and a good oil---that it can help with heart disease and obesity. The research is NOT there to make such statements."

 "I wouldn't like it if people were misinformed either. Here's some information:

"Here's more:


"I use coconut oil daily, it has not caused me personally any ill effects and has improved many issues for me"

"Glad it is working for you! And luckily, our government classifies coconut oil as a food, not a medication, so we don't need a prescription or a referral from anyone to enjoy it if we choose."


  1. These jerks will be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

  2. Comments from the dietitian certainly lend credibility to the profession

  3. Anyone feel like a road trip to picket the company headquarters? It will be completely legal, completely low carb and coconut oil filled, and completely fun!

    I have their address, we could picket and wave signs and get on the news and everything!!!

    Just a thought. If anyone is interested I will gladly play ring leader!



  4. Oh, you're too funny. If we are planning a road trip, I'd rather take a walk to the Ancestral Health conference.

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