Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Paleo on $100 a month day 10 - I threw something away!

Hey free food! Who wants to waste anything?

I drank a cup of bone broth before I dashed out early. Pre-breakfast?

Today I was determined to limit the wheat.  I enjoyed breakfast courtesy of trader Pablo.  There were leftover cut-up giant roast beef sandwiches in the fridge, probably due to the overabundance of vegetarians there the day before, who knows?  I rescued the roast beef and threw away the bread.  Truth be told, it is pretty easy to throw away bread on an old sandwich.  It was smashed and soggy, pink with the meat juices.  Anybody else would do it.

I put gobs of roast beef on a salad and topped it with a bit of grated cheese and the dressing.  Coffee, too, and one tortilla chip.  Later I had more coffee from Gabrielle, and cheese and a piece of turkey roll-up from trader Ingrid.  I avoided the brownies, trays of donuts, several giant packages of cinnamon rolls, the several packages of blueberry bagels, the diet Coke, the sugary Sprite, and the rest of a very huge bag of tortilla chips.

Lunch was some leftover pork, lemon balm tea, bone broth, purslane, nasturtium flowers, beet juice and some lemon.

Dinner was the last of the lamb, cooked with kale from trader Alpha and a few olives.  I also had lettuce, purslane, and a beef rib.  Oh, and one strawberry.  Well, I have blown past all the hurricane names with all my trading partners, now onto the Greek alphabet.  Thank goodness Alpha came through with the kale, because I am a bit tired of swiss chard.

After the beefy breakfast, I was ready for something else, but nothing else was on sale.  I guess there was a glut of beef after the latest beef-kills-you-"study".  No glut of chicken.  The Authorities have declared chicken to be a perfect food.  Economical.  Healthy. Eco-friendly.  Oh well.

The package of ribs cost $4.11.  I have $6.62 left over.


  1. From the cost perspective my favorites choice is the pork butt roast. When on sale, it is $1.49. More satiating than chicken. I roast it staffed with slices of garlic.

  2. I think the pork is more economical, but I already have some. Unfortunately, the pork shoulder was more expensive than the one I got. That's too bad, because I like the shoulder better. (Or should I say Boston roast?)