Sunday, April 28, 2013

Paleo on $100 a month day 26 - Buffalo Stampede

I lucked out at the supermarket today!  I found a few packages of veal for a very low price, and started digging down for what ever else was down in the pile.

Yes!  A pound of buffalo for only $2.99.  When I got it home I realized it was beyond the sell-by date, and probably was frozen even though the package said it was fresh.  Well, I am not going to turn this violation into the meat authorities, because when I opened the package, it smelled fine.

Of course, I made more dehydrated-zucchini-and-olive-brine hamburgers, and ate them with sauteed leeks, kale from trader Gamma, feta cheese from trader Felix, wrapped in lettuce.  This time I made a ton of mini-burgers so that I could eat a whole plate of them.  And, that's just what I did.

I also ate the rest of the scallops, with mushroom, leek and fennel, along with eggs, for breakfast, with the usual fresh juices.  For lunch, I enjoyed more blueberries, but the strawberries were all eaten by pests, so no strawberries today.  Dinner included more of the mini-burgers, yogurt with lemon and a pinch of sugar from one of my traders, fresh roasted butternut squash, two artichokes, a few olives and a couple of pea pods from trader Beta.

Today's purchases:  buffalo for $2.99, yogurt for $1.00, eggs for $1.00, leaving me with 12.91 in the kitty.


  1. Oh, I have never seen buffalo this cheap. The veal was also 2.99. I just started going to this store, and when they have stuff on sale, it is REALLY on sale. It is a couple of blocks from one of my regular stopping places during my day, but I just never went in that direction. Now I'll make a point of it.