Thursday, April 11, 2013

Paleo on $100 a month day 11 - this will kill me

Day 11 brought more trades with a trading partner, so for breakfast, I ate more roast beef, with a really sad, sad salad, some cheesecake and coffee from trader Pablo.  After all that, I had to work it off, so took a nice mid-morning walk in the open space.  I would have taken off my shoes except for the rattlesnake warning signs.

For lunch, I enjoyed beef, chicken, mashed potatoes and salad courtesy of trader Pablo, and some diet soda and a brownie.  I'm waaay too high on the aimed-for carb count for the day, but the desserts were worth it!  The food looked like this.

Afternoon snack:  green drink with celery, lemon and orange juice.  The oranges were from trader Noel.

It was a light dinner, with some beef ribs, the last of the bone broth and lettuce.

Beef!  Its what's for breakfast.  And lunch.  And dinner.  I can feel my TMAO rising as I type this last sentence.  Hope I make it to the end.

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