Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paleo on $100 a month day 9 - Too busy

Today was a whirlwind, with plenty to do and no time to eat.  No problem.

Breakfast:  leftover lamb (with the cooked fennel and greens Yay!) and enchilada sauce from trader Humberto, lettuce, parsley.

Snacks:  coffee from trader Van

Lunch:  small lollipop.  I know this sounds terrible, but it took me about a half hour to eat, so it provided a slow release of sugar and actually kept me full until I obtained another free snack.

Snack:  purslane, nasturtium flowers, coffee and cheese from trader Ingrid.

Dinner:  bone broth, lettuce, liverwurst, eggs, swiss chard, chocolate coconut milk from trader Felix, bean soup, even more ham!, strawberries, winter squash with butter, and sugar from trader Felix, lemon balm tea with lemon from trader Humberto.

I did shop a bit, but could not find much I wanted that fit my budget.  This is because I was running late on all my appointments and the quick sale items were gone by the time I could get in there.  Nothing spent, and $7.52 is left in the kitty.  I did pass by a store that I don't go to all that frequently, but they have a nice price on cheese.  I couldn't remember how much was in the kitty and didn't think I had enough.  It turns out that I did have enough, but it is just as well that I didn't buy the cheese.  I tend to eat too much of it, and like cashews, it is an expensive item that I would just fritter away in a meal or so.

Lettuce seems to be my go-to snack food.  Just dash out the door and grab some leaves.


  1. I am never so hungry to eat a lollipop.
    I wonder, where do people get purslane? May be it is not suitable for Florida? i never saw it available for a sale here.

  2. Purslane is considered a noxious weed. It is probably growing everywhere, since it loves the heat. Here' it is at the farmer's markets at certain times of the year, but it is also in every single planting pot and row. I used to spend lots of time pulling it out until I just started eating it.

  3. I checked Google images, it looks beautiful, but I don't think I saw it before, and all my weeds are different.

  4. I am thinking it could be near the beach. Salt doesn't kill it.

  5. Probably, I would just buy seeds. I have a fish allergy, so I need more sources of O3.

  6. Purslane is the only green that I can count on when it is hot. It grows through anything.

  7. I gave-up on a vegetable garden.Our pests are something I could not imagine before(I am from a cold climate). In order to get something we have to use rather aggressively something for a pest control, plus water bill could get pretty high.
    I have citrus tries,pomegranates, blueberry bushes. I also grow a lot of heat-lowing hers. I think purslane sounds like a very good candidate for an addition to what I have.

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