Monday, April 15, 2013

Paleo on $100 a month day 14 - Are these Vegetarian times?

Sunday was potluck day, and unfortunately, lots of people attending were vegetarians and worse yet, vegans, which meant that there was a dearth of protein and even fat.  Since I was one of the first in line, I did snag some half and half for my coffee and a couple slices of cheese, but the rest of it was carby, wheaty or had mostly salad greens in it.  There wasn't even any butter to be found anywhere (except in my dish, of course!)  I took a huge container of swiss chard cooked in butter and a container of herb tea with citrus from my trees from trader Noel and honey from trader Felix.

The chard was immediately devoured but the tea went untouched, probably because of all the competition from the sugary fruit drinks.

I came home hungry for protein and so raided the fridge for more beef ribs and pork and a small package of protein powder from trader Jerry.  I also steamed three artichokes and enjoyed the tea I had prepared earlier, along with extra beet juice, 4 salty olives and some butter.  Breakfast was just more leftovers with tea from trader Olga.  It sure was nice to have the free-trade coffee.  I poured another mug and then my ride announced that we were leaving immediately.  Good for me I had my trusty thermos!

The vegans seemed malnourished and righteous.  The food issue at these potlucks has been contentious for awhile, with the ethical vegans insisting that "flesh" not be served for anyone.  For a time, some folks refused to comply with the request.  (The vote to keep it all vegan didn't pass so the measure died and the ban was voluntary.)  I started bringing lots and lots of garden veggies to these events, since most people don't bring enough food for everyone who attends and I always have tons of greens.  This time it was all vegetarian, which wouldn't be all that bad for a meal if there was some protein besides hummus.

No purchases today, so I have $19.46 left in the kitty.

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