Thursday, April 4, 2013

Paleo on $100 a month Day 4 - Splurge! and a salt lick

Today's catch, but where did I leave the onion?
Things are taking off in the garden, which is both good and bad.  Everything is bolting, and getting tough, bitter or seedy, and the zucchini or other summer selections aren't ready yet.

Great picture, right?  But the astute reader will notice how similar the catch is to yesterday's.  Such is deep seasonality.  We all talk about the virtues of seasonality, but truth be told, most people would probably prefer if we traveled around the sun in 40 days instead of 365.

Today's breakfast was ham and eggs, with kale, swiss chard, butter and a slice of orange from trader Noel.  I had a small amount of coffee from trader Gabrielle, followed by a couple of cups of tea courtesy of trader Olga.  I sure got my share of free tea this year.  Its everywhere.  People LOVE buying tea, but apparently don't like drinking it very much.  I wish people felt the same way about coffee, cause I need some!

I had a morning snack of fresh-steamed artichoke with butter.  I had actually planned to melt the butter, but then got lazy and hungry and just ate the artichoke leaves with clumps of butter on top.  Then I made a huge batch of "soft drink" tea with lemon balm, orange mint, and a bit of orange juice from the rest of the orange.  Orange mint has only a hint of orange, to me, it reminds me more of lavender than oranges.  These drinks are pretty good on a hot afternoon.

For lunch, I finished the beef ribs and put the bones in the crock pot.  I had a shake with some banana, lemon juice from trader Humberto, coconut milk from trader Felix, cherries from trader Lorenzo, protein powder from trader Jerry, coffee and cream from trader Ingrid, and a small amount of chicken tortilla soup, also from trader Ingrid.

I decided to splurge on ground lamb, on sale probably because Easter is over.  I got a one-pound package for $3.99.  A sale banana for 16 cents and a can of olives for 90 cents made today's purchases total $5.05.  I have 71 cents left in the kitty.

I cooked the lamb with fennel, olives, onion, parsley, celery, chard, pepper, oregano and mint, and served it with cold sliced beets and lettuce.  I finished the bean soup.  Dessert was more cherries from trader Lorenzo and a huge strawberry from the garden.  I scored a small container of Doritos crumbs from trader Dean, and was saving it for the right time.  Mmmmm...salt!


  1. That...sounds... delicious! :-D

  2. I thought that artichokes have to be so much trimmed that it would be almost nothing left to eat. My opinion is based on watching cooking shows.

  3. I steam artichokes and then take off each leaf and scrape all the inner flesh off each leaf. When I get to the middle, I take the flower top off, leaving the inner choke. Its lots of work, but is endurable with butter.

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