Friday, April 5, 2013

Paleo on $100 a month - Is this paleo?

OK, OK!  I am officially sick of ham!  And that is good, as it is a "red" meat and it is processed and the authorities are telling me not to eat it anymore.

Today, I dashed out of the house before dawn for an all-day project, where trader Pablo kept me somewhat busy and fed me.  I avoided the bagels, cinnamon rolls and assorted breakfast gunk by helping myself to three large spoonfuls of full-fat cream cheese, washed down with several cups of coffee and a tangerine.

This held me over until lunch.  I had a salad and a turkey sandwich, some evil aspartame-infested diet soda, a package of chips and some chocolate.  This made me feel queasy and somewhat sleepy.  More coffee to the rescue.

By evening, I was fine, and for dinner I had a mug of bone broth with some of the leftover lunch food, ham and lamb, a bite of banana, stir-fried purple cabbage from trader Rebekah, and of course, cherries from trader Lorenzo because, life, you know, is a plastic container of dehydrated cherries.

Now onto the studies department.  I apologize for not posting the results of my study this Monday, as is appropriate.  Jack Kruse is R-I-G-H-T.  EMF is a killer.  I tested two planting containers for the effects of EMF, and yes, I actually did have a control!

Control - pot exposed to EMF

Treatment - Pot shielded from EMF

Note all the damage to the EMF-exposed plants, especially at the edges where there is more wave penetration due to proximity to my neighbor's smart meter.  The large hole in the middle of the control plant was due to the removal of some of the leaves.  The testing was both destructive and delicious.

The plants in the EMF-shielded pot show better color, better structure and less damage at the edges.  The health if the plants is improved when the metal mesh shielding material extends over the top, thus completing the faraday cage to completely shield the plants.

You know H8trs gonna hate, but I think there's really something to all this EMF theory.


  1. Are these plants near to a cell phone mast or high voltage power lines ?

    Regards Eddie

  2. I am not really that close to a cell phone tower, but the neighborhood does have "smart"meters and a handful of wifi accounts. I'll have to add that I did not do a split plot design either. The pots have been planted with different stuff at different times and the soil is not perfectly the same. But it is hard to do a blocked design with shielding, since being right next to the shield also shields the control plants somewhat as well.
    Just be sure that I had carefully thought out this situation beforehand, like all obesity researchers.