Saturday, April 13, 2013

Paleo on $100 a month - day 13 - back to reality

The reality is, cheap food is hard to get and hard to grow.  I spent much of the morning in the garden, putting up a couple of trellises salvaged from damaged patio umbrellas, and killing the snails that have been taking up residence all winter long underneath them.

Oh, I am just too tired to get out the camera and take a picture of it all.  Besides, I ate much of it, and the rest is in the fridge for tomorrow.

For breakfast, I enjoyed the last of the leftover coffee from trader Pablo, greens and eggs cooked in pork fat.  For some reason, this didn't fill me up, so I had a whey shake mix from trader Jerry mixed with some coconut milk from trader Felix and my own strawberries.

Today's garden haul consisted of a boatload of swiss chard, a pile of fennel bulbs and several artichokes.  I could have harvested more herbs, but I won't be cooking today and I am tired of throwing them out.  The parsley is starting to look sad, and the rabbits ate my reserve plants.  So, now that the cow has gotten out, I am going to go outside and close the barn door, and put a better screen on the parsley plant.

For lunch, I ate more ribs, nasturtium flowers, strawberries, winter squash and lemonade.  I also ate a bit of the liverwurst, even though the package says to eat or freeze by the 11th.  I am going to live dangerously and leave a little bit for tomorrow, too.

No purchases today,  so there is $16.25 left in the kitty.

I chatted for awhile with the grass-fed beef distributor I was introduced to yesterday.  He was lots of fun, but pretty much out of my price range.  It is just a bit less than WF, and even he said I could do better if I did mail-order through some of the other farms in NorCal.  They can jack up the prices here because there is so much demand for local food and the volume is so low.  I am not about to pay boutique prices, challenge or not.  Besides, he never has hamburger, that goes fast.  He did mention a good source of grass-fed marrow bones, which I will follow up on after the challenge.

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