Monday, April 8, 2013

Paleo on $100 a month day 8 - the perils of free food

Not a good day, paleowise.  Various "free" wheaty things crept in.  I guess they are not really free.  I'll probably pay.  The potatoes are gone.  I ate the small taters, about 4 or 5 the size of grapes.  Someone else got the large tater, and also ate most of my banana.  Now you would think that putting a store-supplied "do not cross" tape over the banana would do the trick, but someone just cut some off the other end.  Sigh.

Some traders really came through for me this time, and at the last minute.  I never divulge their identity.  But here is a clue on how to do this.  If one of your friends says they are moving across the country, ask, "How can I help?" without making them sound like you want them to leave.  Big payoff here.

Breakfast:  tater tot with butter, and then strawberries, coffee, cole slaw, turkey sandwich, brownie bite from trader Pablo

Morning snack:  part of a donut from trader Gabrielle and some coffee from trader Jerry.

Lunch:  eggs with ham and chard, coconut chocolate-y milk from trader Felix, liverwurst, lemon balm tea

Dinner:  bean soup, pork with enchilada sauce from trader Humberto, 4 more olives, the final tater tots, the last of the banana.

I have already seen a huge price spike this month.  I could not get the eggs for a dollar, so I got 18 eggs for 2 dollars.  I got a piece of pork roast for 3.78, leaving me $4.31 in the kitty.

Here's what is left.  Half a pound of lamb, a chunk of liverwurst (shared it with the cat), a pile of cook pork, over half a can of olives, at least two sticks of butter and 18 eggs.  I still haven't gotten any grass-fed beef.  The store I frequent did have some in stock, and even some on sale, but it didn't look good and they still wanted $6.99 a pound for it.  I had planned to use more canned seafood during the challenge, but I just haven't had a taste for it lately.

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