Saturday, April 20, 2013

Paleo on $100 a month days 19 and 20 - lamb burgers

I finally made it to the store to get a bit more variety.  I bought more eggs (great sale!), some cheese, braunschweiger, cream and Persian cucumbers.  I toyed with the idea of buying brie, but ended up with a cheaper cheddar block.  I also found some cooked "fresh" mussels on quicksale, but the package was HUGE and I didn't want to risk it.  I haven't ever eaten them in this form before. 

I have $18.01 in the kitty.  OK, time for the macadamia nuts?  Not so fast.  The butter is running out.

For my meals, I finished up the bean soup and sugar-free Jello from trader Humberto, had lunchtime coffee from traders Ingrid and Jerry, enjoyed morning tea from trader Olga, oranges from trader Noel, tangerines and lemons from trader Humberto.  I made lots of tea, mostly lemon balm, mint medley and chocolate mint.  Of course, nasturtium blossoms and purslane for lunch.

The bone broth turned out really well, so I have that for breakfast too.

The huge treat for both days was the lamb.  I made burgers with lots of dehydrated zucchini and pepper, olive brine, and a ton of greek oregano.  I ate them wrapped with cheese in large leaves of lettuce.  Then I couldn't stop eating them!

I ran into a trading partner on my shopping trip, and that is always a nice treat.  She yelled, "Hey!  Thanks for the fennel, it was wonderful."


  1. Wow those burgers sound brilliant. Lamb is so tasty. I like minced lamb with a mashed swede topping and a little grated cheese on top.

    The traders you mention sound a very friendly bunch - take care

    All the best Jan

  2. hi Jan! Yes, my trading partners are great. I ran into another one later in the day, too.

  3. Lamb is my favorite meat choice too!

  4. Galina, I really like lamb, too, and lately it has been at a scandalously low price. I think they sell a ton of legs of lamb at Easter, and then grind up the rest of it. I can't believe I got it quicksale for 2.99, that's less than chicken.

  5. Not the case in the South East. I have not seen a cheap ground lamb for years. Best case scenario - blade chops on sale for $3.49, normally $5.49, which is still way better than a grass-fed beef.

  6. It was Private Selection. Maybe if you have a Kroger store, they will carry it. I have found great prices at Ralph's on the day after the ads change. They run a weekly sale, and then the quick sale price is marked off the sale price. At the end of the week, they just get rid of all the stuff with the older sale markings. This week tri tip is on sale, so I might be able to get one next week at a fantastic price.

  7. Our small stores just don't sell lamb year round or at all, only Publix. Probably our general population has different culinary traditions.

  8. I can find lamb regularly at only one store, but always these tiny fancy cuts. They do run specials on ground lamb from time to time, and I try to take advantage of the sales when I can.