Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Paleo on $100 a month days 23 and 24 - Deep seasonality

This week marks the beginning of the blueberry season, and also the first fava beans.  Some of the lettuces are bolting, but the romaine is still going strong.

For Tuesday's breakfast, I ate chicken and eggs with greens, coffee from trader Van and a tangerine from trader Humberto.

I found a really great deal on chicken sausage and so I cooked it with greens, and also had bone broth, herb tea, black tea from trader Olga, strawberries, blueberries and beet juice.

For dinner, I had beef, sauteed leeks and fennel and more chicken sausage served with lettuce, olives, fava beans and feta cheese from trader Felix and "chocolate" milk made with cocoa from trader Felix.

For Wednesday's breakfast, I had chicken sausage with eggs and greens and tea from trader Olga.

For lunch, I opened up a pouch of hot-sauce-laden sardines, which were much more appetizing when heated slightly.  I also had some coffee and an apple-fritter-thing from trader Gabrielle.

For dinner, I had another chicken sausage cooked with purple cabbage and celery, tangerine and lemon from trader Humberto, some lamb and veggie broth, feta cheese, olives, butter, tea, beet juice, lettuce and purslane.  That wasn't really lots of protein for the day, so I finished up with a chocolat-y shake made with hemp powder from trader Jerry, cocoa from trader Felix and cream.

The chicken sausage was two dollars and the sardines were 70 cents.  I still have $27.16 in the kitty.


  1. Great menu! My blueberries will need at least one more month to be ready, may be more.

  2. just a few more days! ...but i hope you've had fun being creative and resourceful.

  3. Blueberries are great and of course are available most of the year when bought from a supermarket. Not sure what the price in air miles would be? But of course you are being wise and spending money carefully.
    We can get sardines here in the UK quite reasonably priced and they are delicious and very nutritious.
    As the saying goes 'Keep on til the end of the road' you've had quite an experience and have done very well.

    All the best Jan