Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Paleo on $100 a month - day 28 - Going Nuts!

Now that I am winding down with this challenge, I am trying to use up what I have instead of buying more items.  This means that breakfast was the usual eggs, with kale from trader Gamma, and some baby buffalo burgers for breakfast, with tea from trader Olga and kumquats from trader Rebekah.

Lunch was a handful of nuts from trader Epsilon.  MMM, the good kind I don't even let myself buy when I am not on a challenge.  It looked like most people at the meeting were following a low fat diet, and no one else was enjoying them, so I grabbed another handful.  Trader Eta also brought in a bowl of avocadoes.  I also had an afternoon snack of buffalo burgers with lettuce, feta cheese from trader Felix and yogurt with lemon.

I planned to buy some sale pork, but it was max pack only, so I would have had to save it for Wednesday, or dip even further into the kitty.  As it turned out, the pork was SO CHEAP that it turned out to be only pennies more than the chicken.  I found a container of boneless skinless chicken breasts (not really my fave food now that I am a fat-burner) and marinated them in lemon and olive juice.  The lemons were from trader Delta.

Dinner was a bowl of chicken cooked in butter, greens, fennel, leek, hot pepper and zucchini, served with beet and lemon juice.  I'll have to say, I outdid myself.  The dish was beautiful so I made more of it for later.  I also ate half the avocado and saved the rest for Monday.  (Please stay tuned to THAT story!!!!)

I had another nut snack in the evening, courtesy of trader Dean.

I bought the chicken for $4.12, leaving me with $15.21 in the kitty.

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