Thursday, April 18, 2013

Paleo on $100 a month - day 17 - citrus!

Today was the same as most weekdays.  I ate some leftover meat for breakfast, enjoyed some coffee from trader Gabrielle, and stayed away from the free donuts.

For lunch, I had the usual purslane and nasturtium blossoms, with bean soup, herb tea and some wonderful tangerines from trader Humberto.  They are a bit dry and seedy, but very sweet.  There is no way they can be eaten quickly for that sugar rush, since they need to be peeled, all the strings pulled off, and then each section deseeded.  The original slow food.

For dinner I ate more beef and pork, a tangerine, lemon balm tea with lemon, beet juice, olives, potato pancakes cooked in butter, and a bowl of lettuce soup.

Lettuce soup you say?  I tried this after seeing cooked lettuce at an Asian eatery.  I just heated up some beef broth, added plenty of oregano and summer savory, and then the bottom half of the lettuce leaf, shredded.  I also added in bits of pork.

No purchases today, so there is $18.05 left in the kitty.

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  1. Lettuce going into a soup sounds like a good idea.