Friday, April 19, 2013

Paleo on $100 a month day 18 - What would Grok do?

Well...when the going gets tough, Grok would head for the freezer, and tucked behind all the animal skins and bear grease he had frozen before he got caught up on all the tanning he'd been planning to do after Christmas, there's some other stuff.  Stuff that will free him from the boredom and monotony that an early-spring, deeply seasonal diet affords.

I dug past my own sale liver, ham bone, multiple ice packs, bits of beef fat and rendered this and that, searching for something else.  Yes!  I found variety somewhere under there, and even after removing a few packages of food-put-by, I still had trouble getting the door closed.  I found some jerusalem artichoke puree and some applesauce, made with apples from trader Rebekah.  And I savored each bite of the applesauce, knowing that trader Rebekah cut down the apple trees and this will be the last year to enjoy them.

I cleaned the fridge yesterday.  Now that it is mostly empty, every little crumb or spill is really bothersome.  That's when I found the forgotten cabbage.  It was my own, and small, but put aside when I received a gift cabbage that needed to be rushed into the ER immediately.  It is still in great shape after over a month in the fridge and should make everyone wonder how old that stuff is in the store that we buy as "fresh".

Today's menu

Breakfast:  coffee from trader Gabrielle, the last of the pork, fennel, tangerine and green tea from trader Humberto.

Lunch:  bean soup, beef, sugar-free jello from trader Humberto, purslane, nasturtium blossoms, parsley, turkey with onion, fennel, pepper and jerusalem artichoke, iced herb tea, iced green tea, beet and lemon juice. 

Dinner:  artichoke from trader Alpha, beef, apple sauce, purple cabbage, leek, olives, bone broth with lettuce and celery

I bought some more ground lamb for $2.99 and I have 18.27 left in the kitty.


  1. A month in your fridge and the cabbage was still ok. Yes, it can make you think, I wonder how fresh our so called fresh foods are that we buy from our supermarkets? Cabbage can be quite versatile and there are many kinds from the really green, through to white and even the red variety, a good food I think.

    All the best Jan

  2. Yes, it commonly lasts for a couple of months if stored with a few tough outer leaves, like mine was. If it has been trimmed, the outer few leaves usually need to be removed.