Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paleo on $100 a Month - Day's 19-21 - Say Cheese!

Coming into the home stretch I am blessed with enough bucks for some little luxuries and more flexibility.  Unfortunately, I think I squandered it by buying a block of cheese and then feasting on it.  Gone in about two days!!  Hopefully I'll be able to stretch the package of mushrooms for a few days.

I am harvesting several artichokes a day from the garden, and tons of broccoli, oranges and lemons from about a dozen different traders.  The peppers survived the winter months and are blooming and fruiting again, so I enjoyed several fresh hot peppers this week.

Trader Fernand made the day with some 100-calorie nut packets she didn't like.  This helps tide me over until I have time for a late lunch.

Here are some of the dishes I made so far this week:  Cod with leeks and lemon, cod with orange and kale, pork with hot pepper and cabbage, chard and mushroom frittata, taco salad with olives and greens.

Monday's purchases:  cheese for $2.83
Tuesday's purchases:  chicken for $4.82
Wednesday's purchases:  eggs at $1.44, cod at $1.04, mushrooms at $.99

Here's what's left:  Lots of pork, lots of chicken, a dozen eggs, 3/4 container mushrooms, 3/4 container olives, almost half a container of coconut oil, 4 ounces liver,  and $1.87 in the cash jar.

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