Thursday, March 8, 2012

Paleo on $100 a month - day 7 - I'm bored

I want to go out and buy that big block of 99% chocolate that Dr. Kruse recommends, throw a couple of grass-fed ribeye's airlifted from the Midwest on the grill for an afternoon snack (wait!  I don't even have a grill!) and eat ten pounds of shrimp and crab from a trash bag in the living room and let the dog clean up the shells (wait!  I don't even have a dog!)

Then again, maybe I am just sick of chicken.  I bought it again, for $1.98, with an avocado for 50 cents and a tiny tiny bag of slivered almonds for 65 cents.  I really wanted to get some chicken before the sale was over, but I am totally ready to move on from chicken and over to the sale shrimp this week.  Hopefully it won't kill me or make me sick this time.

A favorite store has a huge sale on frozen foods and I am sort of bummed that I can't walk out with a whole bag of frozen bison, elk, venison, etc. for 20 percent off.  I might be able to get a package by the end of the week if I am careful.  But, I don't want to be that careful.  I saw the sale shrimp and I want it!  If I can't find a way to swing it by the end of the week, I am going to buy a bunch for the house and enjoy it on April 1.  Not because I am a fool, necessarily, but because it will be the end of the challenge.

For breakfast I had the pork with greens and sauerkraut and some orange juice from traders Patty and William.

For lunch I had cheese and coffee from traders Debby and Gordon, a package of really awful protein powder from trader Debby and garden bits and pieces.  One strawberry.  Two pea pods from trader Joyce.  One radish.  Two nasturtium flowers.  That is how real hunter-gathering goes.  As usual, I could have eaten about 30 snails, but I chose not to at this time.  I ate most of the avocado.

For dinner I enjoyed a large amount of ground beef with extra tallow, some trail mix from trader Valerie, a kumquat from trader Chris, pea pods from trader Joyce and my own vegetables in coconut oil.

94 cents left in the cash jar, and I am going in the wrong direction if I want to get some real meat.

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