Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Paleo on 100 a month - day 12 - Burgers again

Since I have been blowing my budget on sale shrimp, I have lots of cheaper hamburger with it.   Yesterday I spent too much time in the kitchen.  It is always this way at this time of the year, when the types of vegetables ready in the garden require extra preparation, often serially.  I have only one pressure cooker, and I had to use it for the artichoke, then the beets, and then the squash.  While a babysat the pressure cooker, I cleaned and peeled a giant bowl of sunchokes.  Then I had to cook my meal, a meal for my family, and then finish cooking the sunchokes.  I didn't escape the kitchen until 8 pm.

I have settled into a routine for the day's meals.  Shrimp and eggs for breakfast, beef and leftover chicken for lunch and also for dinner, rounded out with mostly my own vegetables and a bit of citrus from my trading partners.

In the morning, I was offered a huge plate of sugary treats, plus gobs of fresh coffee.  They offered even more coffee before throwing it down the drain.  Next week, I'll take a glass container for the leftovers, when the meeting is over.  I successfully avoided all the sweets, but it was hard.  Little cakes, fried cake and yeast donuts all decorated with icing, powdered sugar and colorful sprinkles, brownie bites.  I tried to avoid them, but everyone else was walking back and forth with platefuls.  Who doesn't like free food?

A new friend might be giving me some tea.  She was convinced by a tea snob to throw it away because it is 6 months beyond the expiration date.  I encouraged her to try it anyway, but if she doesn't think it is any good, it hopefully will add to my variety.

Purchases today:  Ground beef $2.49, leaving me with $8.16 in the money jar.  The surplus will be short-lived.  I am running out of extras and eying a pork roast.

Diet details here.

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