Monday, March 26, 2012

Paleo on $100 a month days 24-25 Eating through my stash

I thought I would have plenty, but I seem to have eaten through my food stash on this very cold weekend.  Saturday night we went out to dinner, so that is put in the "entertainment" category.  I didn't really eat that much, just some seafood.  There was a ton of salt but no fat, so I woke up puffy and hungry.
Sunday's cold rainy weather made me want to hibernate and/or eat, so I plowed through all the nuts, all the beef I had just purchased, a whole grapefruit from trader Patty, all the mushrooms, two packages of nori snacks, and many of the olives.  I also made some bean soup with beans from trader Michael.  They were really old, so I had to pressure-cook them twice.
I still have the canned salmon, mostly because I didn't want to open it up in the house.  I usually eat it outside because it is to stinky for everyone except the cats, who follow me around when there is a hint or a promise of stinky seafood.
Saturday's purchases:  nori for 99 cents and cashews for 93 cents
Sunday's purchases:   nori for 99 cents.  There is $5.03 left in the money jar.

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