Friday, March 9, 2012

Paleo on 100 a Month day 8 - I'm starving!

I am sure lots of CW people wanted to hear that!  Actually, it was due to poor planning on my part, not a lack of funds.

I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of leftover chicken, my last pastured egg from trader Beryl, and some orange from trader Patty.

I was treated to lunch by trader William.  Due to my busy schedule, I didn't stop by all the usual stores for my morning snacks and coffee.  I had a wonderful lunch, but unfortunately it was almost entirely devoid of protein.  I did help myself to a couple of extra helpings of wonderful homemade salad dressing.  We had a salad, TJ's rice crackers and papaya and yogurt for desert, and some wonderful TJ's flavored tea.

After racing around, I never got the time to head to the store that had the sale shrimp.  I had to get home to listen to all the live call-in shows (Sorry Jimmy and Matt, I just caught the tail end this time and hate asking questions when I haven't heard everything before.)  I whipped up a batch of conventional eggs with chard, and ate more leftover chicken.  Then I sat down for the shows featuring Matt and Dr. K.  I'm soooo glad I also had a container of coconut oil.

Today's purchases:  eggs at $1.49, leaving me with $2.54 in the cash jar.

Details are here.

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