Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paleo on 100 Dollars a Month - Day 1

I woke up late and NOT hungry.  (Could it have been the late-nite pork and avocado snack?)

For today's breakfast, I had planned to try some protein powder, but switched to plan B.  I enjoyed real green tea from trading partner Alberto, a "pastured" egg from partner Beryl, kumquats from partner Chris and garden vegetables like kale and kohlrabi.

I continued cleaning out the fridge while monitoring the pressure cooker full of beans.  FULL OF BEANS?  How paleo is that?  I am cooking them in meat broth.  Is this a cheat?  Usually I save cooking broth in the fridge and then throw it away a week later.  Or, if I am really organized, I carefully freeze it and then throw it out a couple of years later.  The freezer is already mostly full, and I'll need that last inch or so of space for the kumquats.  There isn't enough room for a jar of anything, so into my mouth it goes.  Throughout the challenge, I will be making use of meat fats that are usually thrown away.  I think there are still a couple of ham bones in the freezer, but I can't remember who gave me what.

I get $3.07 a day actual cash (that's $3.22 a day minus the cost of the garden) and I will be in "a deficit situation" for a few days before paying off the coconut oil.  Ahh, I feel thinner already, and the freezer does too.

Details re: what I am actually eating are posted here.

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