Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paleo on $100 a month - day 4 - Have I become a Vegetarian?

I looked over my food log and my goodness, it looks like when I was a vegetarian.  Green drinks, soy protein, cheese, protein-free meals.  What's up with that?  The diet is showing up on my face.

Soon my coconut oil will be paid off and I'll be able to get more meat and rely less on freebies from my local grocery stores.  I didn't exactly troll the stores today, but I did have to stop by the usual places.  I attended a potluck and took cooked chard and fruit punch.  Unfortunately the other attendees brought just drinks and carby stuff, and I was so hungry that I had to break into the free protein powder pouch I had picked up when I returned the curry powder.

Have I become one of THOSE people, the people you never want to wait behind at the grocery store?  I used my new curry powder in the chard, and it was pretty weird.  I thought it might just be old, so I took it back.  The store says 100% guaranteed.  They want me to try things.  Usually I would just throw bad stuff away, but I paid a whole 22 cents for it, so it went back.  I kept the 10 cents of accumulated bag credits from the whole multi-day ordeal.

Folks at the potluck said the curry powder was a little weird.  It smelled more like an Indian head shop than real culinary curry powder.

I am in the black today, with 1.46 left in the money jar.  Tomorrow will be better.  I'm eating beef.  The thrill of having extra money will be short-lived.  I gazed at the deep hole I carved into my container of coconut oil and realized I'll need another container before the challenge is over.

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