Saturday, March 10, 2012

Paleo on 100 a Month - day 9 The shrimp boat sails in!

Finally, the conjunction of a great sale and enough money.  I bought a small package of shrimp for today, and it was a surprisingly large amount compared to what I would get on a shrimp salad at a fine dining establishment, or even an entree.  Thirteen nicely sized shrimp, plus a bit of another one.

I wish I could afford a camera, because lunch was gorgeous and you would love looking at it.  Shrimp, spinach and carrot from trader Helene, kumquats from partner Chris, all cooked in coconut oil and garlic.  Delicious!

Unfortunately, I was hungry a few hours later.  Today I will try to load up on more fat.

Breakfast was the usual ground beef with greens, sauerkraut and a bit of orange.

On the run, I had coffee, half and half, some cheese and a small pc. of turkey meatloaf with broccoli.

Dinner was chicken and chard, with some fruit juice (plums from trader Sandy and orange from trader Chris), with sunchokes, winter squash and almonds.  I was so hungry afterwards that I made a couple of eggs with extra fat, and ate a few more spoonfuls of coconut oil. 

I spent $1.02 on the shrimp, leaving me with $4.57 in the money jar.  Is grass-fed beef in my future?  Probably not.  Even if I had the 6 to 8 dollars, non of the stores I currently troll have grass-fed beef right now, not even in the frozen section.  I will get by on the Trader Joe's ground beef.  The label says it comes from several countries, and some of them I am pretty sure do mostly pasture methods.  A recently-eaten package really tasted grass-fed, but the last one didn't.  Oh well, at least I am trying.  I am not convinced that the amount of grass really changes the omega 3 content much at all.  I think avoiding super fatty pork and chicken is probably a better contribution to a good O6/O3 ratio.  And there is probably some canned salmon in my future.

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