Monday, March 19, 2012

Paleo on 100 dollars a month - Days 13-16

I haven't been blogging because I was busy at paleo f(x).  No, not so lucky.  I wanted to track to make sure I got enough protein, and now that I am in cruise mode, I know I am getting enough and so ditched all the careful tracking in favor of just living.

This week I had plenty of extra funds to get the things I wanted, except of course for the pound of macadamia nuts and bar of good dark chocolate.  I enjoyed a huge selection of free teas from trader Chantel and a huge pile of broccoli from trader Dorian.  Chantel had said that the tea was 6 months beyond the expiration date, but when I opened it, I realized that it was over 6 years beyond the date.  It is still fine, and wakes me up just as well as tea freshly purchased.

I enjoyed one lone Girl Scout cookie from trader Erin, and gave the rest of the stack away immediately.  This did cause increased longing for sweets and treats later in the week.  I enjoyed free coffee from trader Tony, but passed on the huge plate of donuts and green cookies.  Tony had a choice of half and half, powdered creamers and other flavored creamers, plus coffee and hot chocolate, so I chose to add some hot chocolate.

I didn't add much chocolate so I took the rest of the package with me.  When I checked the label for the protein content, I was shocked that it had only one gram.  The ingredients list was a shocker.  There is no milk in it.  Products derived from milk, but mostly different kinds of hydrogenated fats, and even sucralose!  When did hot chocolate switch from cocoa, milk and sugar to chemicals, un-named milk derivatives, and into a strange food-like substance? (Unfortunately, it tasted pretty good!)

Purchases through the week:
eggs  1.49
shrimp 2.69
beef  3.00 (a poor choice, from a regular supermarket and tasted too conventional)
pork roast  5.05
slivered almonds .67
olives  2.29
beef 2.49
sardines 1.29
almonds .79

Only 67 cents left in the food jar.

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