Sunday, March 11, 2012

Paleo on 100 a Month - days 10 and 11 High Seas

The shrimpfest was fun, so I went for another day of it.  This time the shrimp was still frozen and I told the meat guy I wanted the pieces that didn't have ice stuck on them.
"No problem, I'll just take off some for the amount of ice," and he took about 20 cents off my order.  Now, why didn't I know to ask for that yesterday? 
For breakfast I enjoyed eggs and liver with the usual.
For lunch, I enjoyed the shrimp cooked the same as the day before and the usual store freebies.
For dinner, I enjoyed a huge plate of ground beef with veggies.  Still hungry, I opened up a can of sardines.  I ate the whole can, but they are making them smaller than before.

Day 11 I settled into the same routine, with eggs and the last of the beef for breakfast, haddock for lunch, and even more of the leftover chicken for dinner, both served up with a nice portion of pea pods from trader Andrea.  (Note that I used up all the hurricane names for 1012 and have moved onto next year.)

My food is unrewarding and monotonous, but I don't mind all that much.  If I am losing any weight at all, I am sure it is due to the lowered protein amounts, not food reward.  One new arrival to the garden this weekend:  mache.  It has a brief season and is much appreciated.

And now, a word or two on seasonality.  I have gradually converted my garden from the typical showcase to just encouraging the things that want to grow on their own.  Of course it is still showy, but the mache comes up on its own, without any fertilizer or much water.  I just let it go to seed and it does it all over again every year.  The same goes for all the other shoots and roots I am eating right now except for the garlic and leeks.  They also grow themselves, but I do tend to transplant them.  I did plant beets and carrots on purpose this spring, and will follow up with the summer vegetables.  The tomatoes and peppers come up on their own, too, and I just have to transplant them.

Purchases:  Shrimp for $1.90
sardines for $1.00
Haddock for $1.23
Left over:  half the shrimp, 3 eggs, some almonds, half a pound of beef liver, more chicken, 2/3 of a container of coconut oil
Amount in the cash jar:  $7.58

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