Friday, March 2, 2012

Paleo on 100 dollars a Month - Interrupting this regular broadcast

What I had planned went out the window when the season's first artichoke appeared.  It was the star for dinner.  I sure did miss drowning it in butter.  The star for dessert was one lone strawberry from my garden, not the first of the season, but the first that was actually sweet and edible enough for most people's standards.  As a low-carber, I found it almost sickeningly sweet.

I stopped by a store for a tiny nut snack and got 5 cents knocked off for bringing my own bag.  That comes out to an additional 10 percent discount.  The wonderful cashews will last for two snacks if I continue to eat them in homeopathic quantities. I enjoyed orange slices from trader Isaac throughout the day.

Shopping was fun, as I dashed into a few places (all nearby, so no extra energy used here) to check sales and fill up on free coffee.  I went a little hog wild on the half and half, and now realize how much protein that stuff has.

Lunch consisted of a couple of samplings of free protein powder from traders Debby and Nadine, and snow peas from traders Joyce, Florence and Ernesto.  I have learned not to trust anything labelled "vegn".  Is it really vegan, or is it just fake vegan?  Either way, the protein powder didn't taste as bad as I thought it would, but it seemed to produce an almost immediate allergic reaction.  When I ran the tracker, I noticed that I was above the RDA for plant lectins for the day.  Oh well.

I made chicken for dinner.  I don't usually "do" boneless skinless chicken breasts but they were on sale.  They were dry, but the bland taste was improved with fennel, garlic celery and za'atar from trader Leslie.  My own home-grown winter squash was topped with cinnamon from trader Kirk.  This time of the year is kind of a pain to cook, since so much of what I get out of the garden needs the pressure cooker.  I felt I was babysitting the pressure cooker all afternoon.

I started another small batch of sauerkraut with extra salt.  When I calculated the amount of money I got each day to spend on food, I was left with 18 cents, which I applied to my salt stash.  No way can I eat that much salt in a month.  It is just for canning and preserving.

Purchases:  cashews for 43 cents
one pound chicken for 1.99 (sure had to search through the packages for the exact weight)
- 5.34 left in the cash jar.
(diet details are here.  Click on the "shared food and fitness tracker" button.  The macronutrient ratios are on the brief blogpost.)

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