Monday, March 5, 2012

Paleo on 100 Dollars a Month Day 5 - Carbing up

Today was more an exercise in how to avoid FREE, carby and junky foods that were placed before me at every turn.  I managed to avoid all the fake stuff, all the grains, refined sugars, cookies, hydrogenated oils, and anything dipped or dribbled with fudge.

It helped that I had the leftover pouch tuna for breakfast, along with a "pastured" egg from trader Beryl, oranges from trader William, a tangerine from trader Debby and my own sauerkraut, sunchokes and kale.

I was wide awake all day, courtesy of coffee from traders Gordon, Debby and Tony.  Trader Patty dropped off a huge boatload of lemons today, so lemon juice went into everything.

For lunch I snacked from the garden, and enjoyed ground beef.  I harvested my first blueberry today, with a strawberry, a radish, some nasturtiums and snow peas.

By late afternoon, I was at the blood donation center, a pint lighter and looking at a whole table of treats laid before my eyes.  Nutter butters, Cheese-its, Chips-a-holic -hoy, cranberry "cocktail", all in stacks and rows, with a nice lady saying, "Have another".  I took the 100% juice and some trail mix.  (OK, LOTS of trail mix.)  As I munched on the trail mix, I pondered my iron levels, which were in the higher range for my gender.  When I was a vegetarian, I got turned down all the time when I tried to give blood.

For dinner I enjoyed leftover chicken with pea pods from trader Joyce, baby turnips from trader Helene, beets and an orange from trader William.

Today's purchases:  beef at $2.49 a pound.  It is not labeled as grass-fed, but it usually tastes like it is from mostly-grass.  $2.04 left in the cash jar.

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