Friday, March 2, 2012

Paleo on 100 dollars a month - day 2

I am already bored.  It was sous vide tuna for breakfast.  Well, not really, it was just a pouch of albacore tuna from trader Michael.  I don't usually have tuna like this, how do people eat this?  Seriously, it needed half a gallon of mayo.  I put most of it back into a storage container for later.  Respect the pouch?  No way.

I had more fun watching the cats try to get into the empty pouch for the last bit of juice.   What a great way to enjoy my morning mug of green tea courtesy of trader Oscar.

Lunch was a bit more interesting.  After trolling several markets for food (and getting used to that half a cup of half and half a day), I thought I found something nice.  Baby shrimp was priced at a very low 2.99 a pound so I snapped up a couple of packages, one for myself and one for my family.  I have found that I have to make two meals or else my stuff is in danger of getting eaten by someone other than me.  And that is a pain, because I weigh and measure everything out.

I cooked the family meal first, and then followed up with my package of shrimp.  As I continued to cook, I noticed it was getting slimy.  Uh oh, a bad batch.  I threw it away. (..along with my veggies and the coconut oil for cooking and not happy at all since I used a carrot from trader Helene and they are hard to come by.)

I carefully sniffed the remaining shrimp from the family package and it seemed OK, and since the first batch was already eaten, I was really hoping it was OK.  I decided that I would "buy" the remaining shrimp from the house since I was hungry and I couldn't keep it around much longer even though it had a March 5th date.

I sat down to eat my meal and before I realized it, the new batch had become slimy and I had eaten one really bad shrimp.  After that, I sniffed each shrimp carefully.  I picked through it until I lost my appetite.

One thing that really concerned me about the shrimp is that they seemed very salty.  Since I added no seasonings except pepper from Trader Michael, I knew it was salt from the shrimp itself.  I don't usually buy this type of shrimp, and this will be my last time.  I did a little digging and found out what probably made the shrimp both salty and slimy:  sodium triphosphate.  Yuk!!

I went right back to the store with the shrimp label, and since they were out of the sale duck confit, I picked up some sale pork instead, with a small bag of bulk curry powder and an additional bag credit.  I enjoyed a huge plate of pork, seasoned with sauerkraut and served with my own beets, squash and a squeeze of orange juice from trader Patty.  My purchases today added up to $2.63, putting me $4.90 in the hole for the month so far.  Check out the food log here.

Tip of the day:  If you are going to go into debt, do it with coconut oil.

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