Friday, March 23, 2012

Paleo on $100 a Month days 22 and 23 Candy Splurge

For some reason, I feel rich this week, and the Australian licorice was on sale, so I got some.  It turned out to be 55 cents with the bag credit, and so not worth it.  I think I got six pieces, but of course, I wanted six more after that.

I am still working on the chicken I bought earlier this week.  It is pretty tasty with kumquats, mushrooms, garlic, hot peppers, and of course, all the greens.

I am enjoying green tea with lemon.  Even though I have been blessed with new sources of free caffeine, I still enjoy the green tea, and I miss it on the days I don't make it.  I am enjoying it right now with a slice of lemon from trader Patty.  At this time of the year, backyard gardeners are clearing out their orange and lemon trees to make way for the new crop, so there is plenty for everyone.

Thursday's purchases:  Banana for 13 cents, red licorice for 55 cents, ground beef for 2.49
Friday's purchases:  Can of salmon for 2.99
I've spent $68.94 on food so far for the month, so it looks like I'll come in at well under a hundred in the next 8 days.  $1.85 left in the money jar.  My weekend company has cancelled, so I don't have to figure out how to feed them.  Actually, feeding guests is somewhat of a cinch, because most guests are so starved for good vegetables that I can feed them eggs and chard and they are thrilled.

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