Saturday, March 3, 2012

Paleo on 100 dollars a month - Day 3 Emergency Surgery

I had to schedule an emergency sauerkraut-making session after trader Rafael gifted a couple of purple cabbages.

If after hearing "emergency surgery" you imagine the cabbages quickly wheeled in while docs with paddles yell "CLEAR" and then they stick in a bunch of IV's, well that is close to what happened.  "Rafael" was discarding the cabbages because they were infested with aphids and one looked like the top was eaten off by animals.  But I know that aphids are pretty easy to wash off and that the cabbage lobotomy was probably due to splitting after starting to bolt.

Modern cabbages are sort of like those turkeys bred for excess breast meat who can no longer walk or mate.  If the cabbage is almost ready and it gets hot, it will split across the top instead of unfolding naturally like a plant should when it is going to seed.  The result is a cavern right across the crown.  If you catch it soon after it happens, most of the cabbage is perfectly fine.

After the helicopter landed in the backyard, I wheeled the almost-brain-dead cabbage into the kitchen, carefully took off every leaf and cut off the jagged edges.  I might have to spring for more salt if I keep doing this.  Who says only Dr. Kruse can do brain surgery without a scalpel?

Mostly leftovers eaten today, plus some plum paste made from trader Sandy's bounty.  I mix it with water and it makes a really nice punch with no extra sweetener needed.  I didn't buy anything today, so I am only $1.83 in the hole.  Dinner out tonight, and I am not tracking at all.

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